Dr. S. Shani-Kadmiel winner of the Ben-Tor Award 2017

News - 01 December 2017

The Ben-Tor Award is the highest prize in Earth Sciences in Israel. Dr. Shahar Shani-Kadmiel has received the award in the presence of Prof. Miriam Kasztner on November 22 in the framework of a Ben-Tor seminar to be given this year by Prof. Claude Jaupart of France. The prize is 10,000 ILS. 

The jury remarks: “...Despite the historical, archaeological and geological record of devastating earthquakes, modern measurements of strong earthquakes do not exist in Israel. In the absence of measured ground motions, research and assessments have so far relied on methods developed elsewhere and are not necessarily sufficient for Israel. Shahar’s study bridges this information gap by simulating virtual earthquakes for the geological structures in Israel, and a special emphasis on Shahar's research enables us to understand ground motions of the soil in deep sedimentary basins that accompany the Dead Sea rift and buildings. Shahar's contribution is expressed in understanding basic processes that influence ground motions of the soil as the waves pass through geological structures. Shahar developed not only the research infrastructure required for his research but also physically established the computational infrastructure required for the research. In addition to his research, Shahar planned, installed and managed the mobile seismic system installed by the Geological Survey of Israel in Emek Zvulun. This system was designed to provide information on ground motions in the Zevulun Valley and the expected intensities of these ground motions, based on measurements of small earthquakes. In this case as-well, his research is the first of its kind in Israel.” Find here more information about Ben Tor.