SEAWAD team researches Wadden Island development

News - 05 August 2017

How will the coast of the Wadden Islands change in the future, and what can be done to protect it? To answer this question, researchers from TU Delft will embark on a month-long field measurement campaign in Ameland, the Netherlands.

In late August 2017, the SEAWAD team will measure the waves and currents which shape the coastline, as well as several hundred sand and ecological samples from the seabed. These data will improve our understanding of how the coastal system works today, and serve as a basis for future predictions. 

The research team consists of PhD students Floris de Wit and Stuart Pearson, with supervisors Marion Tissier, Ad Reniers, Bram van Prooijen, and Zheng Bing Wang.  They will be joined by researchers from Utrecht University and the University Twente, Rijkswaterstaat, Deltares, and several other engineering firms as part of the Kustgenese 2.0 project