Delft Hyperloop Competition Documentary

News - 23 February 2017

After 1.5 years of designing, building and testing it was finally time for the finale in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition in Los Angeles, California.

This video is a short documentary about the Delft Hyperloop team's adventure at this competition. To see the documentary, click here

On 16 February, their pod was returned to the Netherlands and Henk Kamp, Minister of Economic Affairs, welcomed the team and their winning design to The Hague. During the reception, four members of the Delft Hyperloop team outlined their plans to launch HARDT, the first European Hyperloop company. Together with primary investors UNIIQ and the NS Innovation Fund, and with the support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, HARDT will focus on further developing the hyperloop. UNIIQ/Delft Enterprises and the NS Innovation Fund are investing a combined total of €600,000 in the start-up.