Photo: Gavin Lawrie

The Nova electric racing team set their goal during the first race weekend of the MotoE competition at Anglesey Circuit to use the track time for some more testing of their bike, but they got so much more!
The first free practice on Friday did not go as planned, since there was a small problem with the relay box. Luckily, they managed to fix this with what was available, but didn't get to participate in the practice. A few more testing rounds on Saturday went very well, and they managed to improve the power output of the bike.

Sunday started off early with the final practice followed shortly with the first race. In the first race, the Nova Electric Racing team managed to obtain the first place in their class, earning the first points of the competition! Sadly the competition broke down during this race, rendering them unable to finish.

In the second race on Sunday, the motorcycle of the Nova Electric racing team shut itself down due to an error, resulting in a DNF. However, they are very happy with the outcome of the weekend, since they got their first trophy of the competition.