Send your pet to space

News - 28 March 2017

Do you want to be a part of the new race to space? At the moment, several teams around the world are working on an amateur space program with the ultimate goal to launch a human to 100 kilometres altitude. These are for example Copenhagen Suborbitals and RML Spacelab. DARE wants to lay the groundwork for these missions and for that they need your help!

For Stratos III, they are looking for pet owners who want to send their pet to space. For this project, they have developed a capsule that can safely launch small pets to this altitude.

The costs for launching your pet is €1000 per kilogram or €1 per gram. Given the size of our capsule, a small cat would be possible, but they are mainly focussing on fish or smaller animals like mice so that they can take multiple pets at once. They do not recommend cat and dog owners to join the program right now, but you can still sign up for future missions! They want to give all pet owners the opportunity for an unforgettable experience!

Safety is of the utmost importance to them. They know that your pet is more than just that and they will further design and test the capsule to make sure that your pet will come back unharmed. If, at any moment, you want to withdraw your pet from the program, this is, of course, possible.

So do you have a pet and are you interested in playing a major role in this new race to space? Check their website and sign up: