28 EEMCS projects at TU Delft Research Exhibition 2017

News - 24 May 2017

The nation's largest research exhibition is held right here on our campus from 6-8 June. The goal of the event is to connect researchers with potential partners in the corporate world, at governments or at knowledge institutes. This edition hosts 28 projects by EEMCS researchers. Pavol Bauwer and his team will give a demo 'Solar-powered bidirectional electric vehicle charging station' on 6 and 7 June at 12.30

Applied Mathematics

65.          Mathematical modelling of electrical drives - Domenico Lahaye, Henk Polinder
71           Engineering Mathematics in the study of the vibrations of elastic structures - Wim van Horssen,Tugce Akkaya
85.          Drive into the future: the use of shared automated vehicles - Theresia van Essen 

Electrical Sustainable Energy

89.          Wireless e-bike charger - Peter van Duijsen, Pavol Bauer
90.          Solar-powered bidirectional electric vehicle charging station - Gautham Ram Chandra Mouli
108.       Modular Solar Home System for low-income households in developing nations - Nishant Narayan
109.         Cutting-edge solar cell technology: from idea to fabrication - Olindo Isabella, Nasim Rezaei, Johan Blanker
110.       Solar-powered infotainment spot 2.0 - Olindo Isabella, Simone Regondi
115.       PBIM: PV-Battery Integrated Module - Victor Vega, Laura Ramirez-Elizondo

Intelligent Systems

64.          Music for activities - Cynthia Liem
79.          DNA based algorithms for complex infection diagnosis - Thomas Abeel, Christine Anyansi
87.          Computer assisted assessment of depression from behavioural cues - Hamdi Dibeklioglu, Jan van Gemert, Marcel Reinders
101.       The RoboTutor: a teaching aid for schools - Koen Hindriks


12.          Sensing temperature with heat - Kofi Makinwa
76.          Photoconductive connected arrays for THz time domain systems - Giorgio Carluccio
96.          A smart look into your heart: miniature probes for 3D ultrasonic imaging - Michiel Pertijs
103.       Optical bacteria sensor - Yu Xin, Paddy French, Gregory Pandraud
130.       Electrical Properties Tomography in MRI - Rob Remis
166.       Else Kooi Laboratory - Casper Juffermans

Quantum Engineering

49.          Streaming DNA analysis - Zaid Al-Ars, Nauman Ahmed
78.          Dynamically adaptive processors - Stephan Wong, Joost Hoozemans, Jeroen van Straten
80.          Printed flexible silicon electronics on paper - Ryoichi Ishihara, Miki Trifunovic, Yuanxing Xu

Software Technology

11.          WISENT: Wireless (re)programming of batteryless sensors - Przemyslaw Pawelczak                
16.          SocialGlass - Alessandro Bozzon                       
67.          Using sunlight for wireless communication - Marco Zuniga, Eric Wang            
73.          Trustchains as next-generation blockchains - Johan Pouwelse, Zhijie Ren, Martijn de Vos, Peiteng Shi


147.       Nowi: Wi-Fi powered climate sensors - Omar Link
155.       aanmelder.nl: a do-it-yourself tool for guest-registration at events - Guido de Neve, Suzanne Cools

More information

Would you like to know where you can find what at the Green Village or at the Library? Check the website: http://www.digit.tudelft.nl/
note that you have to register if you would like to visit the exhibition on 6th or 7th of June. You can do that right here.

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