'A need to amplify and combine to enable 5G in higher frequencies'

News - 16 January 2017

Our society's social and streaming behaviour speeds up  the need for 5G. Marco Spirito, Daniele Cavallo, Masoud Babaie and Andrea Neto (Microelectronics) are all working on the 'key building' blocks that will enable 5G systems in the near future. Advanced 5G solutions are targeted in the WhALE project (WAtt LEvel transmitters at mm-waves), which is backed by STW.

Marco: "And of course, as scientists, we are working on the more challenging building blocks. We are looking for alternative solutions, something that the industry would find extraordinary. The goal is to move to higher frequencies and to transmit, instantaneously large volumes of data. The frequency shift will result in lower available power, which we need to fix with new amplifier concepts. To achieve this there is a need to amplify and combine in this project : smart combining technologies. We are also resourceful in using new 'stuff' like 3D printing in our solutions".


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