'Charging of electric vehicles while driving will soon become a reality'

News - 16 January 2017

Pavol Bauer (Electrical Sustainable Energy) is involved in an H2020 project with 13 partners focusing on the metrology for inductive charging based on resonant coupling.

Pavol Bauer : "Inductive charging of electric vehicles is rapidly becoming a reality. The biggest advantage of this technology is that a car can be charged in a parked state, without a plug or even while driving. But the technology is also highly autonomous, needs smaller batteries and has a high-efficiency power transmission. Add the reduction of CO2 emissions and oil consumption and you see why we need to get a move on with inductive charging.

The accepted H2020 project with 13 partners and total budget of 1,8 million euro focuses at measuring the efficiency of the inductive power transfer (IPT) and the actual transferred power to the vehicle. It also enables reliable demonstration of compliance with existing safety standards for human exposure. The consortium will develop the metrology support for this purpose and for the development of high-efficiency couplers for inductive charging of electric vehicles (EVs)."

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