Douwe van Willigen won the ‘Best MSc Award 2017 of the Electronic Instrumentation Lab’

News - 07 December 2017 - Communication

During the annual ‘Best MSc Award 2017 Contest’, the best graduates from the past year of the Electronic Instrumentation Lab (Michele D’Urbino, Douwe van Willigen, Shoubhik Karmakar and Said Hussaini) gave a presentation of their work. Afterwards the public choose a winner. This year’s winner is Douwe van Willigen. He developed a chip that makes it possible to connect 64 small ultrasound transducers to an imaging system using a single coaxial cable. His work enables 3D acoustic imaging from the tip of a catheter and is a step forward in miniaturizing 3D ultrasound probes. After his MSc Douwe continues in Michiel Pertijs’ group as a PhD candidate, working on electronics for ultrasonic flow measurement.

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