Following a successful introduction of on campus and online education on solar energy, Delft University of Technology will launch an international Photovoltaic Systems Summer School from 2 to 9 July this year. By organizing the summer school, the university wants to serve participants who plan and desire taking a career step towards practical solar energy engineering and/or who already have a job in the field but wish to gain a deeper knowledge. Therefore, it is intended for PhD candidates, PostDocs, researchers and engineers. The summer school will offer theoretical knowledge and practical training in design, installation, understanding, and monitoring of PV systems.

Different than other summer schools on photovoltaics, the PV Systems Summer School is completely focused on engineering and practical aspects of PV Systems. It features ten practical sessions, for a total of 25 hours in the PV Laboratory of Delft University of Technology. The attendees will, among other things, learn how to model arbitrarily complex PV systems, fabricate and program a maximum power point tracker to boost power extraction under all conditions and practise with all necessary components forming typical PV systems (e.g. batteries and power electronics). One of the highlights is mounting a type of practical PV system that is widely installed on real roofs. Another part of the summer school is a visit to an advanced solar-cell research laboratory where the participants learn how solar cells are effectively made.

Theoretical knowledge

Next to the practical sessions, a series of fourteen lectures (for a total of 10,5 hours) will be given by experts in solar energy from both Delft University of Technology and other (international) universities. The lectures focus on current topics in PV Systems from innovative building-integrated PV systems to sustainable design and landscape quality and economical models for integrating renewable energy to energy storage in hybrid PV systems. 

Visiting tour PV companies

To align theoretical and practical sessions with industrial environment, three PV companies in the area of Delft and The Hague - Kipp & Zonen, Exasun and Eternal Sun - will host an afternoon tour that will be finished with an inspiring talk by Prof. Wim Sinke (University of Amsterdam). All in all, the summer school offers attendees a multi-disciplinary experience that will boost their knowledge in photovoltaic systems. 

More information

The PV Systems Summer School will take place in the period of 2-9 July and its attendees are welcome in private studio's within the campus of Delft University of Technology. The all-inclusive registration fee includes three social events (welcome drink, school dinner and closing dinner), lodging, meals and material for study.  

The PV Systems Summer School is complementary and twinned to two other international summer schools in the field of photovoltaics: the Quantsol international summer school on Photovoltaics and New Concepts of Quantum Solar Energy Conversion organized by Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin and the International summer school Physics at Nanoscale organized by the Czech Academy of Sciences. 

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