On Monday 12th June Mark Veraar was elected EEMCS' Lecturer of the Year. This is an annual election organized by the study associations.

There were over 2500 votes and 180 lecturers got at least one of those votes. The top 3 lecturers per degree program were announced. And eventually the best lecturer for the whole faculty: Mark Veraar. The votes were accompanied by extensive motivations. The students are proud of the way our lecturers know how to combine teaching with their research. Students do not underestimate the work of our lecturers. In the return all lecturers who won credited their student assistants in their thank you speeches. These are the best lecturers per program, including student motivations.


Computer Science:

1. Andy Zaidman

"Incredible good lectures. He taught me to program in Java very fast and very well"

2. Cees Witteveen

"Following a course by Professor Witteveen is always a party. He explains clearly and knows how to give interesting insights in existing problems"

3. Arie van Deursen

"Can't think of something I didn't like about his courses or about him. Superiour in both giving lectures and in managing his courses"


Electrical Engineering

1. Said Hamdioui

"Really appreciate his way of teaching, gives nice examples from the industry"

2. Richard Heusdens

"Always gives clear explanations, also makes time to discuss the study material with students"

3. Rob Remis

"Enthusiastic lectures with good use of jokes"



1. Mark Veraar

"Clear explanations and an allround genius"

2. Joost de Groot

"He is very passionate about his course"

3. Cor Kraaikamp

"He knows how to apply humour to the lectures and how to explain even te most difficult proofs in a understandable way"

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