Embedded systems involved in record satellite launch

News - 27 February 2017

On February 15th a new world record has been set by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization). It has successfully launched a rocket with 104 satellites on board and successfully deployed them. TU Delft Scientists were involved in this project, including EEMCS researchers Dr. Ranga Rao Venkatesha Prasad (Embedded Systems) and his PhD-student, Sujay Narayana. 


The previous single launch record was at 37 satellites. Out of these 104 satellites, TUDelft scientists from EWI and LR were part of two nano-satellites INS-1A/B developed by ISRO providing Standard Positioning Systems (SPS) using GPS to both of them. PhD-student, Sujay Narayana, from ES, EWI, was able to design, develop, integrate and configure a SPS unit for nano-satellites within two months. SPS unit is also able to provide clock synchronisation  for the on board computer. Further, TUDelft team was also involved in receiving the first signals and also decode the data. The cooperation between ISRO and TUDelft has become much stronger and the teams are looking forward to work together on more challenging research in the near future.

ISRO PSLV-C37 Launch with Onboard Camera and Stage/Satellite Separation events