Gianluca Limodio won the Best Student Award at the symposium ‘Silicon for Photovoltaics’

News - 07 December 2017 - Communication

Gianluca Limodio from the Photovoltaic Material and Devices group has been awarded with the Best Student Award at the Symposium ‘Silicon for Photovoltaics’ during the ‘Material Research Society 2017 Fall meeting’ held in Boston.

He presented his research work on passivating contacts based on hydrogenated amorphous Si (a-Si:H) and polycrystalline Si applied in crystalline Si (c-Si) wafer-based solar cells. These passivating-contact layers are important to quench recombination losses at Si/metal interface. He presented two front / back contacted c-Si solar cells. The first one was passivated with SiO2/doped polycrystalline Si stack on both sides of the wafer and exhibited 19.6% conversion efficiency. A hybrid passivation scheme using an a-Si:H layer at the front side and a polycrystalline Si layer at the back side was used in the second solar cell which exhibited 21.0% conversion efficiency. Gianluca Limodio presented also an interdigitated back contacted solar cell with SiO2/doped polycrystalline Si passivating contacts with 23% conversion efficiency. This is the highest efficiency of crystalline silicon solar cell fully processed in The Netherlands.

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