On 4 September, the new ‘homebase’ (office) of the Blockchain Coalition was taken into use. Thanks to the strong backing of our dean John Schmitz, the coalition's programme office is located in a building in De Bouwcampus, close to our faculty. John is keen to make Blockchain a trending topic, as it is a potential game changer that may have even more of an impact on society than did the introduction of internet in its day.

The location on De Bouwcampus makes a direct link with EEMCS, an acknowledged leader in the field of Blockchain technology, and its fellow homebase initiator TNO. The homebase will be used to support students and PhDs and to design roadmaps and carry out joint projects, among other things. On 28 September, the homebase will be home to the first Blockchain Future of Trust Summit, with 300 participants.

About the Dutch Blockchain Coalition

The Blockchain Coalition is a strategic team of partners who are all working on blockchain technologies or who want to make use of them. For example, the Tax and Customs Administration, insurance companies, universities, the Chamber of Commerce, the Royal Dutch Association of Civil-law Notaries and various ministries. The programme office falls under the ECP (Electronic Commerce Platform Nederland).

Three important goals are being worked on within the homebase:

  1. Research and development of Blockchain
  2. Introducing Blockchain into society
  3. Education and training for a new generation of developers and users