"I do have to share the credits for my silver penny"

News - 16 February 2017

Arnold Heemink (Mathematical Physics) is humble when he talks about his silver penny that he received in honor of the promotion of his 50th PhD candidate.

Arnold: "On the top shelf of my book cabinet you can see them all, all 50 theses. I can't pick one that stands out. I do value the researches with whom I have worked with for one or two decades, even after their promotion. Actually, I prefer this past of my job the most: you can guide young people in a certain direction, it forms young scientists. However, i do have to share the credits for my silver penny. I had a role in the background in about 50% of the researches. That is why I am very happy with the upcoming changes in science, that PhD candidates can officially promote at associate professors too in the future."

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