"I enjoy tackling issues regarding algorithmic transparency, and tailored information presentation"

News - 21 February 2017

Nava Tintarev has joined the Web Information Systems group, as an assistant professor and Delft Technology Fellow. She studies how to best present and adapt the presentation of complex data (using both natural language generation, and visualizations) in artificial advice giving systems.

Nava: "My fellowship project ENSURE - ExplaiNing SeqUences in REcommendations looks at ways of improving the transparency and decision support for recommender systems (like Amazon and Spotify), in recommendation scenarios that contain both surprising recommendations and trade-offs. I am also leading a smaller project for the Center for Education and Learning (CEL) looking at issues relating to fake news in education and problem-based learning: SuSPECT: Scaffolding Student PErspectives for Critical Thinking. I am currently interested in contributing to projects and grant applications tackling issues regarding ethics in big data, algorithmic transparency, fake news, and filter bubbles. I also write about my research for a general audience on my blog: navatintarev.wordpress.com."

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