NWO Take-Off Grant

News - 27 June 2017

Students Ide Swager and Menno Gravemaker (start-up Momo Medical) and Wouter Serdijn (Bio-Electronics) successfully applied for an NWO Take-Off Grant (Phase 1) with their project proposal Improving pressure ulcer prevention with smart mobility monitoring in healthcare institutions”.

Summary from project proposal:

Decubituses are a problem thoughout health care insititutions worldwide. These wounds cause a lot of pain for the patient, a work load for care takers and cost a lot of money (15 bilion+ in the EU each year). TU Delft spin-off Momo Medical has developed a bed sensor with smart memory that can solve this problem/ The next steps are currently being taken to test this project in practice in the living lab of the Reinier the Graaf hospital in Delft. They are also investigating potential clients and cost structures for a further scale up of the product.

About the Take-Off Grant.