Marine Energy Technologies course offered by PAOTM

News - 31 January 2017

Our oceans represent an enormous untapped resource of clean and renewable energy. In this new international course you will learn about the latest innovations taking place in tidal energy, wave energy, Salinity Gradient Power and OTEC.

Several ocean energy projects are currently being demonstrated in the Netherlands, like a floating platform for tidal stream turbines near Texel, turbines in the Afsluitdijk and Westerschelde and a pilot project using fresh water from the IJsselmeer and sea water from the Wadden Sea to produce electricity. The insights offered by these projects on design, construction, operation and maintenance are shared with you by those who have worked on the projects.

During this course, we will also look into the resource potential and the business case for various technologies and we will present real cases. Each day includes an on-site or company visit. The course offers room for (and promotes) discussion.

PhD candidates and TU employees receive a 50% discount on our courses.

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