Third edition Minor Integrated Infrastructure Design started

News - 24 September 2017

With an intensive introductory week of introductory lectures and excursions in the field of transport and water infrastructures, 25 students have begun this design minor initiated from DIMI.

This is the third edition, where students can develop their knowledge and skills for integral design in multidisciplinary team.

This is based on theories of urban engineering, (landscape) architecture, civil engineering and administrative science and on the basis of design exercises and assignments from clients in practice.

For the final major project, the municipality of Rotterdam has defined five infrastructural tasks such as:

  • two bicycle and pedestrian bridges across the Meuse as part of longer routes
  • a train station within the Entrepot area on Rotterdam-Zuid
  • a new junction of the Willemsbrug with urban development on the north bank of the Meuse 
  • the opening of the newly developed Feyenoord City.

With the experience of the previous editions, the students started again with surprising ideas and designs that are so interesting for the municipality, which in some cases led them to further exploration and development by the municipality itself.

On February 2, the final presentations will take place at the Building Campus for the municipality and other interested parties.