Rubicon grant for IDE Postdoc Jarry Porsius

News - 20 April 2017

IDE Postdoc Jarry Porsius is going to carry out a 14-month research projects at Harvard Medical School in the USA for the application of placebo effects in healthcare. He receives a NWO Rubicon grant for this.

Medical and psychological research has shown that belief in a treatment contributes to its outcome. But how does that work? What factors actually contribute to believing that a treatment is effective? Among other factors, this has to do with the interaction between patient and physician and with the way in which drugs are administered.

This is what Porsius calls ‘therapeutic rituals.’ Within the Program Placebo Studies & Therapeutic Encounter at Harvard,  he will systematically and with a design approach investigate how these rituals influence the placebo effect. Based on the acquired knowledge, he wants to develop a set of principles according to which caregivers can make the most of the placebo effect.