Pieter Desmet and Steven Fokkinga ‘table scientists’ during the Evening of Science and Society

News - 13 September 2017

Professor of Design for Experience Pieter Desmet is one of the ‘table scientists’ on 9 October during the Evening of Science and Society in the Ridderzaal in The Hague.

The Science and Society Foundation annually invites a select group of 275 prominent speakers from science, culture, business, politics, media and sport to a festive (black tie) dinner.

Invited table scientists were asked to bring a talented PhD or young scientist from their research team. Pieter Desmet selected Steven Fokkinga. He works part time for Pieter’s Vici project about design for happiness.

The intention is that the scientists display their personal fascination and professional drive, and illustrate the relationship between the scientific practice and the social relevance of their research. To what extent is valorisation a guiding principle in their field? How is the relationship between research, goals, results and applications - and what is desirable?

All couples are asked to pay attention in the presentation to both fundamental aspects of their field of study and (potential) social applications of their scientific research.

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