Willemijn Elkhuizen and 3D scanner in 'The Secret of the Master' - AVROTROS

News - 06 September 2017

On 5 and 6 September, a two-piece of the reconstruction of Vincent van Gogh's 'Still life with aker flowers and roses’ (Stilleven met akkerbloemen en rozen) was broadcasted at AVROTROS. In this episode of the tv programme ‘The secret of the Master’ (Het geheim van de Meester), Willemijn Elkhuizen and the 3D scanner of the IDE faculty can be seen. Watch the broadcast.

Under the still life, another painting from Vincent van Gogh ‘The Wrestlers’ (De Worstelaars) was discovered. In the TV programme, researchers make a reconstruction of the underlying painting, which is eventually re-painted into the still life. Before the underlying painting is overlaid, the 3D scanner will scan the underlying painting to keep a copy of it. In the second episode PhD candidate Willemijn Elkhuizen operates the 3D scanner. Joris Dik of the faculty of 3mE (TU Delft) participates in the team of experts in this TV programme.

The painting is also used as case study for research on gloss scan and reproduction. Click here for more information on the reseach project 3D Fine Art Reproduction.

  • Click here to watch the broadcast