On 6, 7 and 8 June TU Delft hosts the Netherlands’ largest scientific research exhibition. 175 researchers will explain what their research entails. They will do that by means of interactive research presentations, speed lectures and excursions. All the innovations presented are suitable for application in society. That’s why the Research Exhibition is particularly interesting for potential partners from industry and governments.

Of course there will be also be researchers from the faculty of Aerospace Engineering. Who will be there?   


  • The exhibition of historic innovations shows a panel of GLARE, the leightweight GLAss Reinforced Aluminium that is used on the fuselage of the Airbus A380. GLARE is an innovation by Boud Vogelesang and Geert Roebroeks. 
    Location: Green Village terrain.

  • Paul Dennissen, Santiago Garcia Espallargas: Diatoms as building blocks for new materials. Info: http://www.digit.tudelft.nl/#project/7
    Location: Library.

  • Francesco Avallone, Daniele Ragni, Alejandro Rubio Carpio, Mirjam Snellen, Sybrand van der Zwaag: 3D printed porous materials for wind turbine airfoil noise reduction. Info:   http://www.digit.tudelft.nl/#project/22
    Location: Library.
  • Santiago Garcia Espallargas: Self-healing toolbox for polymer structures’ and –goods’ lifetime extension’ 
    Location: Library
  • Otto Bergsma: Composites to innovate sport 
    Location: Library.

  • Pim Groen: Composite piezoelectric material for energy harvesting. 
    Location: Library.

  • Rene Alderliesten and Jos Sinke: Fibre Metal Laminates for future aeronautics. 
    Location: Library.

  • Sonell Shroff: In situ consolidation of thermoplastics. 
    Location: Library.

You can also register for a tour of the renewed Structures and Materials Laboratory, guided by  Jos Sinke.

Control & Operations

  • Guido de Croon: Autonomous exploration with pocket drones.  
    Location: Green Village. 

  • Qiping Chu; Erik-Jan van Kampen: Incremental Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion control. Info: http://www.digit.tudelft.nl/#project/44
    Location: Library. 

  • Daan Pool, Johan Pel: Quantifying loss of motor skills in Parkinsons’ disease with a tracking ‘game’. 
    Location: Library. 

You can also register for a tour of research flight simulator SIMONA, guided by Olaf Stroosma.

Aerodynamics, Flight Performance and Propulsion

You can also register for a tour of the wind tunnels.  


  • Daphne Stam: Polarimetry on the Moon 
    Location: Library

  • Jasper Bouwmeester: Delfi-PQ: next level in satellite miniaturisation 
    Location:  Library

Research Exhibition

These researchers work at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. At the Research Exhibition you can also meet researchers from other faculties who do aerospace related research. Prof. Sicco Santema for example and his Passme project: Personalised airport systems for seamless mobility and experience. Info:  www.digit.tudelft.nl

The Research Exhibition will take place on 6, 7 and 8 June.
6, 7 June: exclusively for industry and governments.
8 June: open for the public.
is compulsory.
More information on: https://www.tudelft.nl/en/technology-transfer/development-innovation/research-exhibition/

International Festival of Technology

The Research Exhibition is part of the International Festival of Technology. Have a look at: ifot-delft.com for more information and a programme overview.  

Business Connect Team faculty

Do you have any questions about collaborating with the faculty of Aerospace Engineering following your visit to the Research Exhibition? Or do you want to meet with our Business Connect Team during the Research Exhibition? Please contact us by sending an e-mail to: AE-connect@tudelft.nl. 

More information on: www.tudelft.nl/lr/business-portal