Best Professor Award 2017 for Paulien Herder

News - 20 June 2017

Prof. Paulien Herder will be awarded this year’s Best Professor Award of the Delft University Fund. The Best Professor Award is assigned yearly to a professor of TU Delft who excels in research and education, and inspires students as well as PhD candidates. Paulien was nominated for the award by the dean of TPM, study association Curius, (former) PhD candidates and MSc students, as well as representatives from trade and industry.

Paulien obtained her doctorate in 1999 and was appointed to the Chair of Engineering Systems Design in Energy in 2009. She focuses on developing and managing energy systems, particularly the transition to sustainable energy provisions. In 2013, Paulien became Chairperson of the Delft Energy Initiative and in 2014, she was elected member of the national TopTeam Energy, which works towards objectives including further stimulating energy transition. She is the only European scientist on the Executive Board of the CESUN (Council of Engineering Systems Universities) network, and has been invited by CESUN to oversee the establishment of a European chapter. Within TPM, she has held the position of Director of Research since 2011, and later also became Chairperson of the Engineering Systems and Services Department.

Commenting on the presentation of the Best Professor Award 2017, Hans Wamelink (Dean of TPM) said: ‘Paulien has colossal social impact, and further improving energy transition is a key issue that affects all of us and that will have a major impact on future generations. We clearly cannot let the fact that we have an academic in our midst who makes an extremely valuable contribution to this key global issue – and who takes an approach that unites, motivates and inspires – pass by unnoticed. Paulien also represents a generation of scientists who care little for disciplinary boundaries and who possess the intellectual strength to transcend these boundaries. It is abundantly clear to me that in Paulien, we have a Professor of exceptional stature.'

The Best Professor Award 2017 will be presented by Vice President Karel Luyben and the chairman of the University Fund Delft, Michael Wisbrun on Monday 4 September in the Aula of TU Delft, preceding the opening of the Academic Year 2017-2018.