Executive Board appoints Zofia Lukszo full professor

News - 25 July 2017

The executive board has appointed Zofia Luskszo full professor within our faculty.

Zofia Luskszo joined our faculty in 1995 and became associate professor in 2002. Her appointment as full professor in Smart Energy Systems enables her to combine her expertise in operation and control of energy systems with her background in mathematics, logic and philosophy. Zofia is steering board member of the interfaculty Powerweb initiative on smartgrids and has obtained several grants from The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), enabling her to build numerous scientific programs and research-projects with substantial international impact in which she brought together several faculties of TU Delft, Eindhoven University of Technology and industrial partners. She has also been a key driving force behind the development of Agent Based Modelling, one of the key methods in Engineering Systems and Services. Zofia also is visible and dedicated teacher and educational programme developer. During the past years she has been programme director of the MSc SEPAM (renamed CoSEM as per 1 September 2017).