Cees Dekker receives 2017 Nanosmat Prize

News - 11 September 2017

On 11 September, prof. dr. Cees Dekker visited Paris to receive the Nanosmat Prize 2017. Dekker was awarded the prize for his outstanding contributions to the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology, in particular for his pioneering work in carbon nanotubes (CNT’s), DNA break repair, translocation and transport properties.

The Nanosmat Prize ‘recognises, substantiates and honors only very high calibre scientists for their professional leadership, originality and innovation in research and development relating to nanoscience and nanotechnology, with a particular focus on nanomaterials’. It was set up in 2009 and since then it has become very popular and very prestigious amongst high calibre senior international scientists.

Visit the website of the Cees Dekker Lab.

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