Jacob Hoogenboom receives grant from NWO

News - 28 February 2017

Dr. ir. Jacob Hoogenboom (ImPhys) has received a grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research under the Open Technology Programme. 

What: NWO-TTW OTP-grant
Electron-beam induced fluorescence superresolution for localizing molecules in biomedical tissue
How much? €798.500  
Dr. Ben Giepmans (UMC Groningen)
Determining the precise location of biological molecules such as proteins is crucial for the understanding and diagnosis of diseases. Current microscopy techniques fail to provide a complete picture: multi-colour optical microscopy does not reach the necessary molecular resolution and it cannot image the underlying details of the cellular structure. Precisely this structure can be made visible in very high resolution using electron microscopy. However, electron microscopy cannot image molecules. The researchers will develop electron-beam induced fluorescence superresolution microscopy. In this  approach, molecules will be imaged in limited resolution using a fluorescence microscope integrated in an electron microscope. Next, the scanning electron beam will be moved over the sample. As soon as a fluorescent molecule is hit by the electron beam, it will be ‘switched off.’ Now, by determining the changes in the fluorescence signal as a function of the position of the electron beam, an image of molecules can be made with improved resolution. In addition, the cellular and tissue structure can be imaged at the same time with the aid of the electron beam. In addition to developing the microscopy technique, the researchers will also optimize fluorescent molecules for use with this technique.