Michelle van der Helm wins AkzoNobel Graduate Prize

News - 16 November 2017 - Communication TNW

The Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities (KHMW) has declared Michelle van der Helm the winner of the AkzoNobel Prize for Chemistry and Process Technology.

Van der Helm has made a great impression as a graduate of the Chemical Engineering MSc programme, and is now working as a PhD student at the <link en faculty-of-applied-sciences about-faculty departments chemical-engineering people rienk-eelkema>Rienk Eelkema Lab. For her master's project, she did valuable research at the interface between Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. She was rewarded with the highest possible grade: a 10. Professor Ulf Hanefeld wrote a laudation for her and another excellent graduate of AS, Stefan Marsden.

The jury found Van der Helm’s thesis' well structured, clearly written, with a beautiful layout, and found that she worked very independently'. Among other things, the prize consists of a monetary amount of 5000 euros. Michelle van der Helm was previously nominated for the Best Graduate Award of the TU Delft on behalf of the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

National recognition
Naturally, Van der Helm is very proud. ‘For this prize, one competes with graduates from all over the Netherlands. I think it is fantastic that we are now also getting national recognition for the work we have done at TU Delft.' The young researcher says 'we', because she believes that she could not have done her research without the support of others. ’If, for instance, Ulf Hanefeld had not supervised me in the Netherlands, or if Katarzyna Szymańska had not helped me carry out part of my research in Poland, I would never have been able to get this far.’

The AkzoNobel Graduate Prize for Chemistry and Process Technology will be presented at a festive meeting around the presentation of all the KHMMW Young Talent Awards, which will take place on Monday afternoon, 27 November, at the Hodshon House in Haarlem.