The very first certificates for the Nanobiology Master's degree programme were awarded on Thursday 28 September at the Erasmus MC Education Centre in Rotterdam. A total of 11 students managed to satisfy all the requirements of the Master's degree programme within two years.

Naturally enough, the word 'pioneers' was heard more than once during the graduation ceremony. "You were the first Nanobiology students and that makes you real pioneers. You can look forward to a great future. Make us proud!" said Professor Claire Wyman, Programme Director Nanobiology. She announced that around half the graduating students will go on to study for their PhDs and that the rest will be heading out to every corner of society.

Unfinished self
Dr Bertus Beaumont, the Nanobiology Teacher of the Year, also addressed the students. He said he found it hard to generalise about the character of Nanobiologists. "You're a kind of combination of Chriet Titulaer, Johanna Westerdijk and MacGyver." Dr Beaumont thanked Claire Wyman and Serge Donkers for making the Nanobiology programme what it is today. Rounding off, he wished the ex-students lots of good luck and gave them one last tip: "Dare to show your unfinished self. This isn't a test; it's your life." 

Nanobiology elite
Enes Şahin, one of the graduating students, said he was proud to be part of the ‘Nanobiology elite’, and that he and his fellow graduates had achieved something completely new. He thanked the Nanobiology team for the past few years: "If there was a problem, I only had to send an email and it would be solved immediately." In her speech, Myrthe Smit, president of the S.V.N.B. Hooke study association commented: "You're going to find out what we Nanobiologists can achieve. I'll be eager to find out what becomes of you all."

The pioneers who were awarded their Nanobiology Master's degree certificates are:

  • Esmée Adegeest
  • Robin van Albada
  • Tim Allertz
  • Vinesh Badloe
  • Berkalp Doğaner
  • Hana Hasanbegović
  • Nick de Lange
  • Raymond Padmos (on the Honours Programme)
  • Enes Sahin
  • Bram Verhagen
  • Ilias Zarguit