New PhD Jack Massaad

News - 18 January 2017

Jack Massaad from Venezuela started on the Flow+ project at Acoustical Wavefield Imaging

Jack will work on clamp-on fluid flow meters based on matrix ultrasonic transducers. These matrix transducers will consist of a two-dimensional array of 100+ elements and will enable beam steering in two directions by programming the timing of the electrical pulses applied to the elements, in contrast with the static beam steering achieved in conventional (single-element) transducers by means of refraction. These beam steering features will enable three innovative measurement techniques: automatic beam alignment, multi-path measurement, and self-calibration. He will investigate the relevant wave propagation phenomena in the pipe wall and the fluid medium, the design of the matrix transducer, and the acoustic beamforming. With the help of an experienced technician (Emile Noothout), prototypes of transducers will be fabricated in our Transducer Workshop, using precision dicing techniques to mechanically and electrically separate the transducer elements of the matrix. Jack will be working under the supervision of Dr.Ir. M.D. Verweij.