Official opening Battery Labs at RID

News - 30 March 2017

On 6 April the Battery Lab of Radiation, Science & Technology will officially be opened at the RID. The new Lab consists of an advanced research and test facility for existing and future battery systems and related electrochemical devices. 

With this unique Battery Lab in the Netherlands all the facilities are combined to meet the increasing research demand for all types of next generation batteries like storage of renewable energy and high energy density batteries for electric vehicles and electronics.

Combination with unique RID infrastructure

The battery research will be combined with the unique RID infrastructure, including operando XRD and Neutron Depth Profiling, Neutron Diffraction and solid state NMR.

The Labs comprise of various coating and preparation techniques, cell assembly equipment, and as well standard as unique test systems. Among them will be an Electrospray unit in a glovebox and Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy coupled to an Atomic Force Microscope.