Project Eric Verschuur on enhanced North Sea gas field imaging granted

News - 01 February 2017

Because nowadays there is a lot of pressure to reduce gas production in our Groningen field, we need a shift towards producing other existing, smaller gas fields in the North Sea.  The AWI group, together with the recent start-up company Delft Inversion, have been granted by the Dutch Government 240 kEuro to develop  a method for enhanced, high-resolution seismic imaging and characterization of these fields.

The proposed project –called VEGAS –is entitled: reduction of exploration risks of gas fields by innovative processing of seismic data. Gas plays an important role in the Dutch economy, however, the large fields have already been put to production. Many smaller off-shore gas fields are discovered, but not yet proven to be  economic feasible (so-called ‘leads’, in blue on the map). Usually, the involved seismic data is not up to today’s standards and re-acquiring such data is too expensive. The VEGAS project involves the development of enhanced imaging techniques that makes use of all complex elastic wavefield scattering in the overburden area as well as the reservoir area in order to get high-resolution images form vintage measurements. The initial ideas for this method have been developed within the Delphi consortium – also resulting in spin-off company Delft Inversion . The project runs for two years and involves a Post-doc position for TU Delft, supervised by Dr. Eric Verschuur

Top: Model for traditional imaging; Bottom: Model for high-resolution imaging, including all higher-order scattering. In this way noise (the ‘coda’ of the seismic reflections) becomes signal.

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