From plug and play enzymes to bioconcrete and from DNA sequencing to biosensors: bioengineering is one of TU Delft’s fastest growing research fields. That will be evident when Delft Bioengineering Institute is officially launched on Tuesday, 27 March 2018. Everyone interested in biology and engineering is more than welcome to attend the event in the Aula Building.

Fascination with biology

Prof. Isabel Arends, Professor of Biocatalysis and founder of the Delft Bioengineering Institute: “All across our campus you find scientists who share my fascination for the building blocks of biology and what we can achieve with them. It is a wide and varied field of research. In Delft, we are working on biofuels and biomaterials, but also on subjects like bacteriophages, cell imaging, organ-on-chip technology, and the synthetic cell. The institute will connect these people with each other, and with parties from other areas of society, such as government, industry, non-profit organisations and other academic partners. Together, we aim at tackling problems in fields including energy, materials, health and climate.”  

BioDate 2018

BioDate 2018 will be one of the activities at the launch event. Some forty scientists from various faculties and departments will ‘speed date’ with each other with the aim of formulating project proposals for multidisciplinary Master’s projects. Delft Bioengineering Institute will reward the 10 best proposals with a money prize.


The Delft Bioengineering Institute is a partnership between the faculties of 3mE, CEG, EEMCS and Applied Sciences, and twelve departments are formally involved. However, the institute is open to collaboration with all faculties, departments and individual researchers who work at the interface of biology and engineering.

Further information

A website is currently being developed for the TU Delft Bioengineering Institute. If you have any questions, or would like to put your name down for an invitation to the kick-off meeting, send an email to Nienke van Bemmel, TU Delft Bioengineering Institute coordinator at