Three postdocs for Applied Sciences in ‘LEaDing Fellows’ programme

News - 07 December 2017 - Communication TNW

Thanks to the ‘LEaDing Fellows Postdocs Programme’, the Faculty of Applied Sciences has the honour to welcome three new postdocs: Aurora Dols Perez from Spain, Dowon Bae from South Korea and Andrea Gutierrez from Colombia.

The postdocs

In the coming years, Aurora Dols Perez will work in Aubin-Tam Group at the department of Bionanoscience. Her research will focus on the use of novel techniques in order to study the biophysics of lipid nanotubes, which are found in several cellular organelles and which a play a vital role in inter and intracellular communication and structural processes.

Dowon Bae will work in the Wilson Smith Group at the department of Chemical Engineering. His research will focus on photo electrochemical (PEC) flow battery systems, which generate electricity via reversible chemical reactions. Until now, low solar-to-chemical conversion efficiency and poor stability of the system due to corrosion have greatly hampered the wide implementation of such batteries. Dowon Bae aims to create a stable and efficient PEC flow battery system.

Andrea Gutierrez will work in the group of Dennis Schaart at the department of Radiation Science & Technology. Her research will be aimed at proton beam therapy, a new and exciting form of radiotherapy that enables the radiation dose to be more localised in the cancer tumour than conventional radiotherapy. She will develop a means of real-time, in vivo monitoring of dose delivery in proton beam therapy. 

More information about the new postdocs and their research projects can be found here.

About the programme

The LEaDing Fellows Postdocs Programme provides opportunities for 90 incoming postdocs from all over the world to gain two years of work experience in the challenging, internationally acclaimed and multidisciplinary environment of Leiden University, Leiden University Medical Centre, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus Medical Centre and Delft University of Technology. The programme is supported by the EU through the Horizon 202 Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND scheme.

The programme aims to help early stage ambitious and excellent researchers to develop new research and transferable skills and a view on career options in an academic research, industrial or public setting.

Second call
The second call of the LEaDing Fellows Postdocs Programme, in which 40 postdoc positions are available, is open until the 10th of January 2018. More information about the programme, including a list of frequently asked questions, can be found here.

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