17/02 Symposium Urban Air Quality

News - 19 January 2017

Human activities, including industry, traffic, energy generation and food production, have an adverse impact on air quality. This is especially the case in urban areas, where more than half of the world populations lives. Ground based and satellite observations show that policies to reduce the emissions of pollutants are successful in improving air quality. However, is enough done to protect the health of the people in the cities and what can cities in developing countries learn from these successes?

The symposium targets a broad audience from students in diverse topics, public, industries, policy makers and researchers. In addition to presentations, there will be possibilities for interactive discussions with the speakers.

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February 17th 2017, 13:00 - 18:00, Theaterzaal (Sport & Culture), TU Delft, http://www.tudelft.nl/gebouw37  
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Please register by sending a mail to Secr-grs-citg@tudelft.nl  with ‘Urban Air Quality Symposium Registration’ as subject
Contact: Julien Chimot, J.J.Chimot@tudelft.nl, 015 27 83546 (secr)