The 176th Dies Natalis of TU Delft will be celebrated on Friday 12 January 2018. During this celebration of the anniversary of the university, the role of Rector Magnificus will pass from Karel Luyben to Tim van der Hagen, who is presently President of the Executive Board. The theme of the 176th Dies Natalis is open science and a symposium will take place before the official celebration. The Dies Natalis lecture, entitled ‘Data and Science we can rely on’, will be given by professor of data science Geert-Jan Houben. There will also be a contribution from the Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Ingrid van Engelshoven.

Rector Magnificus

For Karel Luyben this day marks the end of his second four-year term as Rector Magnificus. He will maintain a 0.3 FTE post at TU Delft for his activities with CESAER – a European network of 54 universities of science and technology – among other things. He will also remain active in the Open Science Policy Platform, a think tank that advises the European Commission on open science.
Tim van der Hagen will take on the position of Rector Magnificus in addition to his role as President of the Executive Board.

Open Science

Jean-Claude Burgelman, head of the EU Open Data Policy and Science Cloud Unit will kick off the official proceedings of the celebration with a presentation on Open Science in Europe: ‘Open Science: a paradigm shift Europe cannot afford to miss’. This will be followed by the Dies lecture, in which Geert-Jan Houben will take a more in-depth look at the role of data and reliability in open science.


During the morning symposium ‘Open Science - Our Way forward’, various speakers will underline the importance of open science, and a number of TU Delft researchers will share their experiences of open science.

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Interview Karel Luyben in TU Delta: “The university is an oil tanker"  
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