All about the ‘patient journey’ in new TU Delft online course

News - 07 February 2017


‘Over the course of five weeks, participants in this MOOC will learn about the interaction between patient, doctor, family and environment at all stages of the medical process,’ explains course developer Prof. Richard Goossens of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft. The ‘patient journey’ is used as a tool to analyse the interaction between patient and doctor. By mapping this interaction, participants can learn how to improve the experience of the patient.’  

Patient experience

The course is an introduction to ‘patient journey mapping’ and has been developed at TU Delft. The ‘patient journey’ looks at the interaction between the patient and healthcare professionals at all stages of the disease: undergoing treatment, managing expectations and the interaction with and between various ‘stakeholders’ (doctors, family members, etc.). The course visualises the different experiences of patients in the medical world step by step. With this MOOC, Goossens aims to offer healthcare designers and others knowledge, insights and tools for analysing and improving the experience of the patient. They will learn to interpret complex healthcare scenarios, to recognise possibilities for improvement and to come up with tangible solutions for improving the experience of patients.  


The method developed by TU Delft is already being used in healthcare, for example to offer individualised solutions in consultations with an orthopaedic surgeon. Analysis of the ‘patient journey’ showed that it was proving a challenge to discuss the expectations of the rehabilitation process after a hip surgery in a ten-minute consultation. Together with the Reinier de Graaf Hospital and Zimmer Biomet, TU Delft graduate Van den Berg developed the ‘BICONNECT’ interface, which is based on the personality of the patient. This interface, which includes questions about lifestyle, pain experience and needs, is helping patients to come away from their consultation with the surgeon better informed and more satisfied.

100 ideas

Other TU Delft students have also been involved in various graduation projects in finding tangible solutions to improve the experience of the patient. More than 100 ideas from the past three years have recently been collected in the book Products for Healthcare’, compiled by Marijke Melles, Armagan Albayrak and Richard Goossens.


You can register for the ‘Design in healthcare: using patient journey mapping’ MOOC via the edX website.


Prof. dr. ir. Richard Goossens,, 015 27 86340.
Claire Hallewas (persvoorlichter TU Delft),, 06 40953085.

This TU Delft MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is free, available worldwide and does not require any specific prior knowledge in order to participate. A certificate may be given on successful completion of the MOOC.