Automated design solarsystem for every Dutch roof

News - 25 January 2017

Solar power is a hot topic in the Netherlands. But even though 61% of all home owners express interest in solar panels, less than 4% actually has them installed. The number of questions that arise when buying solar panels are numerous. “Which panels should I choose? What will be the energy yield of my panels? How much money will the system generate?” The aim of the PVision project is to offer more security, to ensure the most optimal design, and to guarantee and monitor the energy yield of installed systems. This process will be completely automated through advanced software.

In practice

That sounds great, but what will this look like in practice? Imagine that a specific solar system design is already there, designed for a particular roof. Not just an indication, but the perfect system ideal for this situation. Already on the shelf, ready to be installed. With the energy yield calculated so accurately that the output is guaranteed. After installation, the solar system is monitored daily to ensure it is working properly. Potential issues are identified and resolved even before the customer knows they existed.

Dr. Olindo Isabella of TU Delft: “This is a great opportunity of taking fundamental research and putting it to use in the market. I am very excited about seeing how this will enable further development of solar energy!”


 “This will fundamentally change the way we offer solar systems to the market”, says Jan Pieter Versluijs, CEO of Solar Monkey.  “Solar design and offering has never been so easy. Now we can work together with municipalities and installers to develop solar power for whole cities and provinces. Promising areas can be identified beforehand. Millions of solar system designs are ready to be offered and installed. This way true impact can be made.”