TU Delft has awarded Aerospace Engineering alumnus Bart Reijnen the title of Alumnus of the Year 2017. The purpose of this prize is to honour TU Delft alumni who have achieved recognition in the world of innovation and research and inspire students in their study and career choices. 

Bart Reijnen, who graduated from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering in 1995, has been CEO of the Satair Group (made up of Satair and Airbus Material & Supply Chain Services) since November 2016. Previously, he worked at the European Aeronautics Defence & Space Company in Germany and France and was CEO of Dutch Space (now Airbus Defence & Space Netherlands). 

Bart was a member of the advisory council of the SpaceTech programme and of the board of the Delft Aerospace Alumni. He is also an honorary member of VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, the TU Delft Aerospace Engineering study association. On 9 June, he returned to his old faculty to give a master class to students on building a successful career in the aerospace engineering sector.

The prize awarded to Bart Reijnen comprises a plaque on the Alumni Walk of Fame in Mekelpark. TU Delft instituted the Walk of Fame so that students now and in the future may be inspired by the many alumni who play an important role in the world of innovation and research.

To celebrate the 175th anniversary of TU Delft, 17 alumni from the past (born before 1900) have been added to the walk of fame, in addition to the new Alumnus of the Year. 

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Read the interview with Bart Reijnen in TU Delta (only in Dutch) ' Ik ben een kind van de Top Gun generatie'.