At the Education Day 2017, Bart Root was awarded the Innovative Teaching Talent 2017 award. Bart currently teaches in the Satellite Tracking and Communications course at the Aerospace Engineering faculty of TU Delft. He also supervises several MSc students in the process of their graduate research. Next to his on-campus education, Bart also teaches in the online course Satellite Orbit Determination

Each year, a jury of Education Fellows and members of the Student Council select a young teacher who has distinguished her- or himself by the quality and results of educational innovations. This teacher also receives a grant for the further development of their courses.

Scaling up
Bart Root has a clear vision on education: he promotes active learning and keeps classical lecturing to a minimum. Students should be involved as much as possible in their learning process to stimulate their intrinsic motivation. 

Bart’s students often work in small groups but he puts effort in finding ways to scale-up: he has made satellite data available online, allowing more students to select the data they want and analyze it. 

Bart’s students are working with real data from satellites, recorded by a tracking station on the roof of our EEMCS-building. One of the satellites is Delfi-C3, which was designed and built by students. It was launched into space in 2008 and is still orbiting the Earth and transmitting its data back to Earth.

Innovation and results
Bart’s approach resonates with students. This is underscored by their reviews of his courses. “This was probably the best project I've done so far!”, claimed one such student.

With his vision, enthusiasm and passion in his teaching, Bart convinced the jury to award him the title of “Innovative Teaching Talent of the Year 2017”.

More information
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