Do you know what it takes to get your train on the right platform at the scheduled time every day? This fall, TU Delft will launch a new educational program fully dedicated to the topic of Rail. Learners from all around the world will be able to participate and get acquainted with the complex challenges of railway engineering and railway operations. Especially how both are connected and affect each other on multiple scales.


Railway Engineering: An Integral Approach
Railway systems entail much more than a train and a track. They are based on advanced technical and operational solutions, dealing with continuously changing demands for more efficient transport for both passengers and freight every day. Each system consists of many components that must be properly integrated: from trains, tracks, stations, signalling and control systems, through monitoring, maintenance and the impact on cities, landscape and people.

This integration is the big challenge and the source of many train delays, inconvenient connections and other issues that impact our society. To tackle these challenges, researchers and experts at TU Delft, in collaboration with leading professionals from the industry, have created the first-ever Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and a multidisciplinary Master Programme on railway systems engineering.

Master Programme
The railway sector has a significant demand for well-trained engineers that can create, test and validate our future railway networks. The annotation Railway Systems has been developed to provide the industry with scientifically trained engineers.

Knowledge of the entire railway system is vital to deal with the challenges of today and tomorrow. With this rail annotation, graduates can easily find employment in the diverse railway sector: from railway administrators to railway operators, in urban rail transit, engineering and consultancy, with contractors or within the government. Various railway related companies are closely involved in the setup of our education, to make sure our lectures, projects and cases reflect reality.

The MOOC will give learners a comprehensive understanding of the complex railway system, demonstrating how its components depend on each other to create a reliable, efficient and state-of-the-art network. 

This free online course is a true-to-life experience where participants analyse the internal and external factors at play in railway systems and even get to make decisions on building and maintenance. It gives insights into track and vehicle design and identifies methods to deal with wear, capacity and disturbances while exploring what developments to expect in the future. 

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