Giulia Calabretta Best Lecturer TU Delft 2017

News - 20 December 2017 - Communication

During the TU Delft Education Day , Giulia Calabretta was elected Best Lecturer TU Delft 2017 by a jury of students. Giulia is currently the course coordinator of the course Strategic Value of Design at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. In addition, she teaches numerous other off- and online courses, both for students and working professionals. She also continues to do research at IDE, splitting her time evenly between rese­arch and teaching.

Student award

Each year, study associations at TU Delft elect the best lecturer of their faculty. These lecturers are then nominated for the title Best Lecturer TU Delft. A jury consisting of members of  the Student Council, the Study Associations Council and previous winners then selects the winner of this TU Delft award by students. The winner is automatically TU Delft’s  nomination for the national ISO Teacher of the Year award.

Giulia’s approach

According to the jury, what makes Giulia special is that she takes on many different roles that have helped her make a meaningful difference in her field of research, the IDE faculty and the lives of her students. She re­searches the strategic role designers can play within businesses. Her research forms the base of her courses, but her courses also help her with her research. Her classrooms are defined by ‘discussion based teaching’, where she stimulates discussion, con­frontation, and debate among the students. She also pioneered blended and online education at her faculty, expanding her student base globally.

As a pioneer in her field, Giulia has helped make the Strategic Product Design master’s programme stand out in the world. André Moreira Dias, graduation student: ‘With Giulia’s teaching, students strive for pushing the boundaries of their knowledge. And I think that’s what TU Delft stands for. Pushing boundaries.’ 

Photo: Study association i.d