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News - 15 February 2017
  1. Innovation Airport
  2. Delft integrated traffic and travel laboratory (DiTTLab)
  3. Automatic train operations
  4. Serious games for planning freight transport
  5. Automated driving: Impacts on society
  6. The role of (scientific) research into decisions of politicians

In his keynote speech prior to the aforementioned tracks, Bert van Wee (TPM) raised the question of how travel behaviour and human health influence one another. Odette van Riet (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) offered a glimpse into her traveller behaviour research, how this behaviour can be influenced and how the ministry is working towards sustainable mobility. In his keynote speech, Ricky Curran (AE) outlined research being conducted into the optimal airport design, taking capacity, security, expense and the environment into account.

Alongside these lectures, the conference also had plenty of visual offerings. A design vision of various ring roads was presented, aimed at improving the connection between motorways and the city while taking account of the introduction of electric and autonomous cars. Visitors were also introduced to a system that can assist in optimising train scheduling and saw how data are used for traffic simulations. A simulation of an airport was also present, offering insights into security and user-friendliness.

The afternoon was a roaring success, allowing the more than 100 visitors to meet and bring each other up to speed on the latest developments in the transport research field.

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