New publication on the benefits of ride sharing by Dr. Javier Alonso-Mora (DCSC, 3mE)

News - 03 January 2017

The model estimates that either 2,000 10-passenger vehicles or 3,000 four-passenger vehicles could fulfill 98% of Manhattan taxi services with a mean waiting time of 2.8 minutes and a mean trip delay of 3.5 minutes using less than a quarter of the number of currently active taxies in New York City. The method provides any-time optimality guarantees, includes rebalancing of idle vehicles and is well suited for fleets of autonomous vehicles.

The article is called: “On-demand high-capacity ride-sharing via dynamic trip-vehicle assignment,” by Javier Alonso-Mora, Samitha Samaranayake, Alex Wallar, Emilio Frazzoli, and Daniela Rus and can be found here:

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