Richard Goossens new chair of TU Delft Health Initiative

News - 27 March 2017 - Webredactie-mc

As of 1 April, Professor Richard Goossens has been appointed chair of the TU Delft Health Initiative. Richard Goossens succeeds Professor Lucas van Vliet, who has held the role since the TU Delft Health Initiative was launched in 2009 and has been dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences since 2016.

Richard Goossens has worked for the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) since 1996 and has been professor of Physical Ergonomics at the department of Industrial Design Engineering since 2009. As a representative of the IDE faculty, he has been involved in the TU Delft Health Initiative since 2009, and was also appointed Medical Delta professor in 2014. 

Richard Goossens wants to focus on streamlining and expanding the degree of partnership in the themes. ‘It’s a nice challenge, because the number of health-related researchers and students at TU Delft almost doubled under Lucas van Vliet,’ says Goossens. 

Rector Magnificus Karel Luyben is delighted with the new chair: ‘Richard Goossens is extremely supportive of health technology and related teaching and research, and his leadership of the TU Delft Initiative will be paired with a high degree of social involvement.’ 

The TU Delft Health Initiative is one of four Delft Research-Based Initiatives that open up and tailor research at TU Delft to topical issues in society.