SimSmartMobility simulation platform launched

News - 27 January 2017

TU Delft - SimSmartMobility maakt effecten inzichtelijk


Two different Smart Mobility services are currently programmed into the prototype of SimSmartMobility. How exactly these services impact accessibility and liveability is being simulated. The collaborative parties will continue to develop the platform in the coming period – for example, by adding new Smart Mobility services, linking new models and improving the presentation of the simulation. Parties interested in using the platform, such as BEREIK! and the Province of Noord-Brabant, have expressed their intention to explore potential collaboration, e.g. by introducing concrete mobility queries. These queries will be used for the first round of simulations. In principle, the simulated Smart Mobility services will subsequently be made available to other parties requiring answers to mobility questions. The platform is thus enhanced through the addition of each question and the introduction of each model and service. 

Ongoing development

The potential of SimSmartMobility will be highlighted on Friday, 27 January 2017, when another 19 parties will join the initiative and commit to the ongoing development of the platform. During the #SmartTogether festival in Ede, close to 20 organisations will sign a declaration of intent outlining their plans. The parties are all keen to contribute to accelerating the development of (domestic and international) Smart Mobility services and products, as well as to strengthening the position of the Netherlands as forerunner in the field. The parties acknowledge that stimulating Smart Mobility services will facilitate faster and more targeted learning in all field tests, while also being aware that Smart Mobility policy decisions need

Initiator about SimSmartMobility

Marja van Strien (Connecting Mobility): ‘Simulations enable advance insight into the effects of Smart Mobility applications. And this helps policymakers, administrators and professionals to make informed decisions regarding policy and investment’.
Leo Kusters (TNO): ‘SimSmartMobility allows us to explore numerous different scenarios associated with the application of measures and services. It makes concrete effects on traffic tangible, which in turn offers insights into well-informed alternative approaches for day-to-day application’. 
Hans van Lint (TU Delft): ‘There is still so much to discover when it comes to the effects of Smart Mobility. The expertise we gain is now being put to work in the simulation platform: a unique tool for road maintenance authorities and the industry. SimSmartMobility represents a fantastic leap forward, and is the only platform of its kind anywhere in the world’.

More information

Website SimSmartMobility
Connecting Mobility, Thijs Muizelaar, 06 51398022
TNO, Maarten Lörtzer, 06 20420732 
TU Delft, Wendy Dallinga, 015 2787538,