Spectacular light sculpture at the Aula during TU Delft 175th anniversary celebrations

News - 11 January 2017

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The sum of the parts

High columns rise into the air in front of the Aula Building. Standing over 18 metres wide and 4 metres tall, the light sculpture is a symbol of 175 years of TU Delft. The idea of the students of the Architecture and the Built Environment study association when they took on the architectonic assignment from the anniversary committee was that 'the whole is more than the sum of the parts'. So they created their sculpture as a single entity comprising 175 individual columns, which together represent 175 years of TU Delft. 

The pavilion represents the eight faculties and the Aula and the Library. Carlijn Beerepoot, in charge of the PR, explains. “We created this sculpture with a team of eight students, including an architect, building engineers, a construction planner and a project manager. But it is not 'ours', it belongs to all the faculties and to the whole university

Spectacle of light

Walking through the sculpture, it feels like you're in a forest. Architect Cas de Heij adds, “The columns are far enough apart to allow you to walk between them. The aluminum poles have a 90 degree angle in which light is incorporated. The way the columns stand in relation to each other means the light is reflected between them, creating a true spectacle of light.” Unending light in an unending circle of innovation and technology that is perfectly in keeping with the theme of the anniversary: 'Technology for Life'. Each component symbolises a new innovation. 

Leave your mark

Carlijn Beerepoot: “For 175 years researchers, employees and students contribute to the development of research and education at the university. We would like to carry out that the pavilion represents and belongs to whole university. Students and staff and anyone else who comes to see the light sculpture are invited to leave a message scratched in the sculpture.”


The sculpture will be in place for 175 days during the TU Delft anniversary celebrations. That may not seem very long for such a large sculpture, but the material is recyclable. Carlijn says, “Rather than throwing it away, we are returning the materials, and in particular the floor grids and the columns, to the companies that supplied them, so they can be reused for something else.”

More information

The pavilion will be unveiled during the Foundation Day celebrations on Friday, 13 January. You are welcome to come and enjoy the spectacle from 17:00 onwards.
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