TU Delft launches MicroMasters program Solar Energy Engineering on edX

News - 28 February 2017

Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands) launches a MicroMasters program Solar Energy Engineering via online platform edX on April 25. The program is developed to give (future) professionals an edge in the rapidly growing Solar Energy industry. By providing in-depth knowledge and engineering skills the program supports them to become an expert in photovoltaics, advance their career and contribute to the energy transition to renewable energy sources. The MicroMasters program offers four graduate-level online courses treating photovoltaic energy conversion, technologies, systems and the integration of photovoltaic systems in microgrids and a capstone project.

Master-level courses
The TU Delft launched the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Solar Energy in 2013 which has attracted since then over 180.000 students worldwide. Solar energy professor Arno Smets received many requests from the participants for more advanced courses: “My colleagues and I give those advanced courses already in our Master program Sustainable Energy Technology and we decided to bring them online. The revolution in the deployment of photovoltaics is just starting and we see that our industry partners are in need of well-trained solar energy experts. The MicroMasters program Solar Energy Engineering will give professionals and learners all over the world the opportunity to deepen and extend their knowledge on photovoltaics. I hope this new series of master-level courses will inspire many people to  pursue a career in the energy transition.” In the final capstone project learners will work on a photovoltaic application project of their choice and present their results to one of the involved TU Delft lecturers via Skype.

Flexible forms of education
“We’ve been looking for ways to better serve learners, also those who are already in a job. The online Micromasters program connects well to the labor market that requires flexible forms of education," says Anka Mulder, initiator of online education at TU Delft. "Professionals and students worldwide can learn wherever and whenever it suits them best. For some it may be a stepping stone to the Master's program at our university.   

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Note for the editor
For more information, please contact Sharita Balgobind, press officer Energy, T: 015 278 1588, M: U.S.Balgobind@tudelft.nl.


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