TU Delft partner in National Blockchain Coalition

News - 30 March 2017

On 30 March, Henk Kamp, Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, took receipt of the action agenda of the National Blockchain Coalition. The agenda is a joint initiative by more than twenty organisations – including the TU Delft Blockchain Lab – from the logistics, energy and financial sectors, as well as knowledge institutions and government bodies. The Netherlands aims to use the agenda to be an international pioneer in the application of blockchain technology. 

Working securely and efficiently in a large network

Blockchain technology can make it possible to conduct digital transactions that are guaranteed to be correct, without third-party intervention. It enables large networks of suppliers and customers to work together more securely and efficiently. The initiators of the National Blockchain Coalition expect this to have a major impact on such areas as energy supplies, financial services, logistics, and ultimately also healthcare. The coalition predicts positive effects in terms of public autonomy, transaction transparency, cyber security and reduced red tape.

Lines of Action

The action agenda primarily focuses on the development of what are known as digital identities, with which people, objects and legal entities can conduct digital transactions as part of a blockchain. In addition, the coalition is working on solutions relating to legislation and acceptance. To develop knowledge, agreements have been made about training, knowledge sharing and skills development.

Nationale Blockchain Coalitie: Rene Penning de Vries

TU Delft Blockchain Lab

TU Delft previously entered into cooperation agreements with ABN AMRO (see the press release TU Delft and ABN AMRO to collaborate on the development of blockchain applications) and with the logistics sector (see the press release Logistics sector to make concrete progress using blockchain technology). The National Blockchain Coalition is set to build further on these alliances. Johan Pouwelse, Blockchain Lab PI: ‘TU Delft developed the first Dutch blockchain several years ago and we are keen to bring our knowledge and expertise to this new coalition’.

More about Blockchain

Blockchain is a new technology and method for the secure exchange of digital data and payments. Improper use is very difficult, since every transaction is checked by several computers and is completely transparent, with no third-party intervention.

More Information

About the TU Delft Blockchain Lab: http://www.blockchain-lab.org/  
Contact at TU Delft: Johan Pouwelse, http://staff.tudelft.nl/J.A.Pouwelse/  
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