Delft University Fund announces the 2017 Best Graduates of TU Delft

News - 09 November 2017

Today (9th November 2017), the Delft University Fund announced the 2017 Best Graduates of TU Delft. Each faculty has named their Best Graduate 2017, totalling a number of eight recently graduated cum laude students.  On November 22nd, during the 2017 Best of TU Delft Award Ceremony, these Best Graduates will compete for the 2017 Best of TU Delft award.

The finalists for the 2017 Best of TU Delft Award are:

Evelyne Esveld, Executive Director Delft University Fund: “These eight engineers have pushed their boundaries in the final stages of their studies. Their personal efforts, commitment and inventiveness have resulted in eight particularly outstanding master theses. And that is why the Delft University Fund is proud to give them this important recognition for their excellent contributions.”

Best of TU Delft Award Ceremony

Each year, the Best Graduate Awards are presented during the Best of TU Delft Award Ceremony which will take place in the Aula Conference Centre at 15.30hrs on Wednesday November 22nd. The engineers will present their master thesis research and results. The jury, consisting of Anka Mulder, Vice President Education & Operations, Professor Peter Wierenga, Vice Rector and Evelyne Esveld, will decide who ultimately will win the Best of TU Delft Award. Science journalist Geert Maarse will host the ceremony.

All eight Best Graduates will receive the Best Graduate Medal and Certificate of Excellence in recognition of their master thesis work, their personal dedication and their overall study results and the manner in which they have achieved them. Each Best Graduate also receives a personal prize of 1,000 euro. The ultimate Best Graduate of TU Delft will be awarded with the statuette on the road towards a bright future. Furthermore, the Best of TU Delft will receive an additional prize sum of a 2,500 euro, a KIVI membership and a new laptop, kindly sponsored by Dell.

The award ceremony is open to the public. Please join us for this special occasion. The ceremony also be broadcasted live that day from 15.30hrs – 17hrs via this link.